What is FlexiCharter?

Pay As You Boat

For a £30 per month membership fee, you will have access to our fleet of sailing yacht, motor boats, and RIB’s from any location.

FlexiCharter offers you an alternative to conventional chartering, where you’re looking for more of a boat ownership experience without the cost or hassle. Use any of our boats like they’re your own boat, and at the end of the day, give the keys back!

Boats have a set daily, weekend and week fee that can be found on the fleet page for each boat.

Get in touch today to start your application process to go boating!

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Membership Points

Your membership fee is converted to points which can be used for chartering boats, social events or training. Members also have the option to increase their monthly membership fee to boost your points and provide further discounted charters.

Each point is equivalent to £1 giving you effectively 20% off all charters. The subscription membership plans available are,


  • £30 per month = 36 points per month (minimum monthly payment)
  • £200 per month = 240 points per month
  • £300 per month = 360 points per month
  • £500 per month = 600 points per month

Charters, training and social events can be booked using points, payment, or a combination of both.

Points can be used at any time of the year with no booking limitation, giving you the option of regular charters throughout the year or saving them up for charters exclusively in the summer months. The choice is yours!

How to join


Get a membership

Visit our join page where you can become a member. FlexiSail customers also receive free access!


Book a boat

Once subscribed, you'll instantly be able to browse and make bookings.


Go Boating

After reserving, you'll be all ready to take your boat out!

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Multiple Locations

We have a wide range of boats from sailing yachts, motor boats, and RIB’s berthed at various locations. As a member, you have unlimited access to any of the boats at any location.

So whether you’re looking for a fishing boat from Poole or a RIB to cruise around the Solent, we have it covered!

Our Fleet

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of membership over buying a boat?

Boat ownership is expensive and time consuming. Whilst its great for people wanting to go sailing weekly, it isn’t cost effective for many of us who want to go occasionally. That is where FlexiCharter can benefit you!

Membership is a straightforward and starts at £30 per month with no more commitment.

What qualifications and experience do I need to join?

All our members must hold RYA Powerboat Level 2 for the motor boats, and Day Skipper for the sailing yachts.

We also require a VHF licence and full driving licence.

I don't hold those qualifications, how do I attain them?

You can complete your training through us. One of the benefits of training with FlexiCharter is we can mentor you on the boat you want to take out.

Simply get in touch to find out the available dates and costs.


How do you guarantee I'll be able to get a boat?

We limit member numbers to ensure there is availability for you.

What is the insurance excess?

You are liable for the first £2,000 for each incident.

Normally incidents happen in the marina and the cost charged to you is the net cost of repairing the damage, usually done in-house to limit the costs. Most importantly, we deal with the hassle of dealing with third parties and any damage to their boat.

Is shared membership possible?

Unfortunately not, each boat user must have their own membership for insurance purposes.

Can I bring guests on board?

Absolutely! When you reserve a boat, you can invite who you’d like as long as you don’t exceed the maximum numbers allowed on the boat.